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Packed with amazing features the FREE coffee better™ app is an essential companion for coffee lovers and barista alike.

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With each cup we help people make better coffee. Here are just a few of our happy users

Barista, Roaster and SCA Trainer

Alexis - Buenos Aires

I have always enjoyed coffee but until recently my 'home coffee' was by way of a pod machine. My first serious machine has opened my eyes to just how good home coffee can be and this, coupled with the coffee better app has taken it to new levels. The App is easy to use, allowing specific machine and grinder configurations to be entered.

The tips and tricks along the way are fantastic and the end shot analysis helps you to quickly dial in that perfect espresso. Thanks Stuart and the coffee better team for the effort that you have put into this app... it has helped me no end and has quickly become an essential part of my daily coffee routine

Alastair [Sydney]

“The coffee better app is awesome. I can now make coffee better than I would have ever have imagined possible.

I now only make coffee at home because I get frustrated when cafes don’t make it as well as I do.

I can’t wait to see what you guys do next. Whatever it is I am in!

Miguel [Sydney]

Coffee better app has helped me immensely with my coffee grind ratios and overall the taste of my coffee :)

Michael [Quakers Hill]

Bring your own beans

coffee better™ works with your favourite beans.

You can load and register any coffee beans, using our standard recipes you can master perfect coffee at home. Take the experience to a whole new level by entering a coffee better™ code from a participating roasters and experience your coffee just how a barista would make it.


A selection of the featured beans on coffee better™

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To make life better through coffee.

We just love coffee! Everyday it brings joy into the lives of billions.

This experience is only possible due to the passion and dedication of farmers, roasters and baristas that transform this seed into a magical, inspiring and luxurious experience.  

We want to empower everyone to learn, discover and to share the joy of coffee... that why we designed coffee better™ to help make your coffee . dreams possible. 


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