Getting started with the coffee better™ app

Getting Started with the App.
At Coffee Better there are two coffee problems that we are trying to help overcome.
1. To make it easy for anyone to make a barista quality coffee at home.
2. To provide access to the fresh coffee beans that the top baristas use to make their coffee.

So we worked feverishly to deliver the Coffee Better App and to short cut the barista learning process.
AND IT IS FREE. We want everyone’s life to be better through great coffee
Powering the app is the recipe for a perfect coffee, a comprehensive process for over 100 of Australia’s top in home coffee machines and a choice of fresh beans we think make some of the best coffee you have tasted.
No one talks about a coffee recipe but each coffee bean has an extraction profile that delivers the right taste for that coffee. We have programmed that in for you. You can even adjust it if you want to try a different recipe.
Each domestic coffee machine and grinder has a specific way to make a coffee and it can be confusing. We have logged and studied each machine. The App is machine specific so wether it is a Breville or a La Marzocco we have you covered. Select your equipment and follow the prompts. The perfect espresso is only minutes away. And if don’t have your machine let us know and we will include it
A trained Barista has access to the best and freshest beans. We have brought them to your fingertips. We recommend a mixed pack to start until you find what you like. Once you have tasted these beans there is no going back.
Downloading the App is simple. Once you have filled out the standard stuff- name, email.......Then you need 3 things to get you going.
1. Your machine and grinder type. We have pictures to help you match if you are not sure.
2. Beans you are using with the roast or USE BY DATE
3. Your milk preferences.
There are some videos to look at but you can skip through them if you like.
Depending on your settings it may take a few extractions to get it right and if you have scales that makes life easier but you don’t need them.
So we hope your journey is as good as ours and remember feedback is always welcome.