Recipe for Better Coffee... the espresso recipe.

The quest for the perfect coffee seems similar to a surfer chasing the perfect wave. Firstly how do you measure it and then if you have achieved perfection how do you know there is not a better one in the next set.

And what does perfection mean? Certainly the best judge of the perfect coffee is you. And your preferences will be different to mine and the next guy.

There have been a few ways to measure coffee from a trained taster - cupping to produce a Q score or measuring total dissolved solids vs extraction %. These can give a very good idea to quality but if you are at home on your own machine and it’s settings are different to another machine then how relevant is any guide or advice you get in making the perfect cup?

Also a Q score is not an Espresso shot so how much meaning is it to you, in your kitchen on a Saturday morning as you wipe the sleep from your eyes and ponder a day ahead?

At Coffee Better we believe that the way to get the coffee is to use a recipe. An Espresso recipe is a ratio of weight of beans to the amount of water used to extract the beans over a given time period. It is expressed in a ratio in the format X:Y:Z. A typical recipe is 1:2:1.5.

The great thing about a recipe is that the roaster can provide it so that you are tasting the beans exactly as they should be. It takes the guess work out of determining the right ratios and can also be adjusted over the life of the beans.

There is an argument that says that your machine will have different “conditions” to the roasters machine, how do you allow for  pre-infusion, what effect will grind size have......

The beauty of a recipe is that grind size is used to adjust speed of extraction and is the variable that allows you to make your espresso in line with the recommendation.

Simple. Well - each machine is different and variations in performance, pressure and water temperature all impact output. That is why the Coffee Better App has over 100 machines with their set up programmed in. We take the guess work out of it and allow you to experience the perfect shot using the roasters recipe.