Why coffee better™... the origin story.

Last year I turned 40... For those that have passed the big 'four o' it will come as no surprise that often that birthday can sneak up on you and make you take stock of where you have come from and where do you want to go in your life (or as many might call it... a mid life crisis).

For me this milestone was the catalyst that lead me to quit my job and start a new chapter of my life building a coffee+tech startup.

So how did I get here...for most of the last 20 years may be described in typical resume jargon as ‘building a successful career within sales and marketing’ or something like that. So to be honest a dramatic career change was a very uncomfortable process where I had to build up the courage to be honest with myself and my family but also stare down the possibility of failure and it's consequences.

Ultimately though I stumbled upon a piece of wisdom (not my own) that moved me to act. That was 'to imagine myself at 80 years old, and then look back and ask what would I regret more? ...living with my failure... or living with fact that I didn't at least try to succeed'

So I decided to jump and do something different with my life... connect with something that I am extremely passionate about.. for me this was coffee.

My career started in coffee, each day when I used to drive up the street to our office and roastery and I was greeted by the unmistakable aroma of roasting coffee beans. That ritual over many years has permanently rewired my brain and subsequently ignited a lifelong passion for the stuff. Having had access for most of my working life to great coffee during work. I would rarely make coffee at home. That all changed when I moved jobs and suddenly cut off my supply and I started making coffee at home. This lead me, as consumer into the world of home barista's and I soon discovered that whilst the machine technology is constantly evolving and improving, the final experience is still lacking..

The average consumer doesn’t have enough access to the basic knowledge of how great coffee is made. They are so overwhelmed that they just settle for 'ok' coffee, even on very capable machines. This is where we want to make a difference.

Our vision is provide a free hub where everything a home enthusiast needs can be both accessible and empowering. We want to bring the art of barista coffee and the experience of the world of specialty coffee to any home enthusiast... on any domestic machine. This big idea ultimately lead us to look at technology as our way to help make this possible. 

So fast forward, we are now in the final stages of programming and development of our app platform. Today marks the first day our 'online' store is open for business.. and in October we will be launching our free app not only in Australia but around the globe.. and as part of our mission we are also partnering with some of this country's leading specialty coffee roasters to provide coffee lovers with a selection of Australia's best roasted coffee beans.

By no way is this a happy ending, merely a happy beginning ;-) … and who knows what the future holds, but at least for the next little while will be drinking great coffee... and maybe you would like to as well.

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Thanks for reading..