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Most good roasters recommend a particular espresso recipe for each of their coffee blends so you can experience the best possible coffee from those beans. The coffee better™ app uses this recipe and guides you to replicate this recipe at home. 

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Want to know more about the story behind your coffee. The coffee better™ app provides information directly from the roasters on, the tasting notes, bean origins and other roasting notes. Level up your coffee experience today.

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A selection of Featured Beans on coffee better™

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FRUITY | Wilde

In honour of Oscar Wilde, polarising and deliciously different. Wilde won a Gold Medal for Espresso (black) and a Bronze Medal for Cappuccino (milk) at the 2017 Australian International Coffee Awards. 

Tasting Notes: Wild-berry jam with sweet candy, rockmelon and nectarine. Bright, rounded acidity and juicy body with a smooth vanilla finish. 

Origins: Costa Rica Jaguar Honey / Ethiopia Sidamo Kilenso natural / Indonesian Wahana natura

SINGLE ORIGIN | Costa Rica Tirra Estate Red Honey

Tirra Estate is located in the San Marcos district in the Tarrazu municipality, and sits at elevations of 1500-1600masl. The Tarrazu region is one the world's most famous regions for coffee cultivation. Optimum soil and climate, paired with highly skilled and experienced producers, make for ideal cultivating conditions.

Producer: Tirra Estate
Varietals: Caturra
Process: Honey Natural
Tasting Notes: Red Berries, Plum, Boozy

RICH | The Cat's Pyjamas

Rich, luxurious, surprising – it’s like wearing a velvet suit, while stroking a white cat, in a 1965 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. 

Tasting Notes: Maple syrup, cocoa, pepper, creamy, honeyed, brown spice. 

Origins: Colombia / Costa Rica / Sumatra.

SMOOTH | Gusto Manana

One Smooth Operator...

With the Mañana blend, you are greeted by aromas of dark chocolate & hazelnut. The Colombian Supremo provides a rich caramel sweetness, while the Brazil pulp-natural coffee delivers the full body with notes of spice and cocoa. 

Origins: Colombia / Costa Rica / Brazil / Guatemala

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